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About the Author

AuthorBorn of British parentage, my own personal birth-place was the city of Kampala; capital city of Uganda. This wild East-African country, once regarded as enviable at the turn of the century, had grown distasteful by the 1960’s courtesy of the Mau Mau uprising and Idi Amin’s blood-thirsty dictatorship. My family fled to Queensland, Australia when I was a boy of ten years. We settled in the suburbs of its capital city, called Brisbane.

Excelling in English at school, it swiftly became my favourite subject. I penned several short stories, plays and poems as a teenager. A secure position in the Australian Postal Service saw enough spare time to continue creatively writing through my mid-thirties via a local water-ski club magazine, at which I became writer and editor, and eventually the president of. During this period I met and married my wife Andrea. We have been together for twenty-four years now. Sadly, with no children conceived, my attentions were captured by our friends and families’ offspring. Playing with these young-ones and inventing stories for them inspired me to create an ongoing series of children’s adventure books for the three-to-eight age bracket. Self-illustrating the picture-books was both a challenge and an exciting accomplishment, which is still continuing today.

Through my life’s exciting journey, I’ve lived and travelled extensively in England, Africa and Australia. I’ve also been fortunate to travel through the Panama and Suez Canals. Other destinations visited include; Italy, Gibraltar, New Zealand, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Tahiti, Curacao and Genoa.

The last five years of our lives together has been spent living at the fabulous sun-drenched Gold Coast of Queensland. As an avid lover for forty years of mystery, romance, thriller and crime stories, conveyed by screen and literature, I decided it was time to create my own. It’s fair to say, I was inspired by the magnificent location too.

Story-telling comes very easily to me via a vivid imagination. I have also recently penned a compendium of songs… After all, they are miniature stories in their own right.