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The Woman with the Scarlet Shoes

Back dropped in a majestic beach-side setting in Australia, the characters are ingeniously well portrayed to coerce you towards adoring some whilst loathing others…   This cleverly written narrative will compel you to keep guessing through a succession of witty sexual and emotional innuendos, which spiral towards an unpredictable conclusion…   You will experience an arousing sensational roller-coaster ride through this fascinating page turning classicism, as Michael untangles his desire for the woman in order to solve the crime…  .....

Howl of the Syracuse Wolf

A failed love motivates Michael Vincent, an unlikely young Australian to seek solace in the Zanzibar archipelago, a majestic natural marvel just off East Africa’s coast. But just as Michael was beginning to enjoy his new-found peace, an unexpected turn of events leads him and his friends to a discovery that will hurl them into a world of unimaginable peril.   Behind the picturesque beaches of Zanzibar lies an ugly underworld where criminals fester in abundance. This truth sets the.....